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We are sole provider of Elea Pulsed Electric Field Systems (PEF) to the food, beverage and scientific sectors in North America, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Elea Pulsed Electric Field Systems systems bring positive and dramatic changes to manufacturing. Improving output, reducing labor costs, streamlining supply chain logistics and curtailing process and retail waste.


As PEF is applicable to all products where quality counts it will become the preferred industry technology.

Our PEF technology, developed over many years, is rapidly transforming food and beverage manufacturing around the world.

PEF changes the physical structure of fresh produce resulting in significant increases in yield, freshness, flavour and nutritional preservation – plus savings in time and energy.

When you work with us you’ll be talking to the best scientific and engineering minds in the sector dealing directly with exactly those people who can make quick and informed decisions and progress projects quickly and efficiently.

We work closely with our clients to provide tailor-made solutions through a process that involves initial briefing & research, developing, building, testing and finally installation and on-going maintenance of our approved PEF systems.

This close collaboration often yields exciting new opportunities, inventions and technical advances which means our learning and development is continually progressing increasing our industry-leading knowledge of PEF.

Business breakthrough is faster with Food Physics™.

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Elea PEF Systems

Our PEF systems are built to the highest standard of German engineering by our partners Elea. Each system is built to withstand continuous operation while delivering maximum performance and energy efficiency.

We offer a range of different-sized PEF systems with varying line capacity. Each system shares the same 24/7 production capability and are designed to operate under extreme conditions.

Our range is comprised of 3 system types: SmoothCut™ for solid products, SafeJuice™ for liquids and PEFPilot™ for research and trialing.

Each one of our systems is designed to be easily and fully integrated into your existing production line so there is minimal disruption.

PLC integration and extensive monitoring options also guarantee ease of operation.

Robust build and solid state typology makes our technology exceptionally reliable.

In addition, we offer a design and build service to customize Elea PEF technology to your specific requirements.

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PEF Systems


We have developed a new ground-breaking approach to food processing we call Food-Physics™.

Food Physics employ the best scientific and technical minds in the sector from process engineers, food and bio technologists, mechanical and electrical engineers.

Our aim is simple, to develope new and creative solutions for Food Processing that create value by maximizing the effectiveness of natural raw materials.

Getting more by doing less.

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Since the successful commercial introduction of PEF, Food Physics and our partners Elea, continue to develop novel PEF applications in conjunction with DIL.

Elea was created to commercialise all Pulsed Electric Field Technologies developed by DIL.

DIL is a membership research institute focused on the development of novel and innovative methods of food production, quality assurance and process optimisation.

Elea, whilst commercial, has research and development at its core. Our scientists lead the world in PEF technology and we have many research partners in Europe and abroad – both academic institutions and commercial organisations exploring the potential of PEF technology and its multi-various applications.

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