Food Physics Group is excited to announce the opening of its North American PEF Application Center on.   The center will house PEF systems for treatment of solids or liquid and associated small scale process equipment for investigation of process and product improvement based on PEF technology.

The Applications Center will mainly support our current and future customers, but also allow for collaboration with Academia and Food Physics applied research.  The center is located in Boise, Idaho and will be available for use starting September 1st 2020.


Pulsed electric field (PEF) is a method for processing biological materials by means of brief pulses of a strong electric field. PEF impacts upon the cell membranes of any biological cell. Dependent on cell type, field strengths in a range of 1-15kV/cm and energy inputs ranging from less than one up to 150kJ/kg are applied. The high electric field creates electroporation. This physical effect opens the cell through creation of several hundred to thousands of nanopores, causing a loss of turgor pressure, tissue softening, accelerated mass transfer across the cell wall and low heat microbial inactivation.

Smart use of PEF often improves down-stream unit operations with relatively lower energy use versus other processing alternatives such as conventional heating.

PEF is used extensively in French Fried Potatoes and is emerging as a quality and sustainability tool for food drying, meat processing, potato and vegetable chip production, juice preservation among others.

Application Center Capabilities

  • An in-line 10 kW treatment system equipped with treatment cells for microbial inactivation and cell extraction
  • A 5 kw chamber batch system with a capacity of up to 10lbs to support research and preliminary application with cell configurations for field strength from 1000 V/cm to 15 V/cm for tissue treatment for enhanced drying, cutting, frying and extraction
  • A continuous water immersion system ideal for solids treatment to support scale-up, larger application trials and larger treatment volumes. This system with a rating at 6 t/h would be ideal for application development of frozen potato products like French fries, potato and vegetable snack chips, fruit treatments prior to freezing to enhance subsequent drying, among others
  • System to support product and process development including industrial scale slicers, scalable fryers, small scale air and freeze dryers, liquid pumping and heating operations for decontamination and extraction, liquid Nitrogen freezing among others
  • Complete set-ups for the development of PEF treated frozen products, potato and vegetable snack chips, juice and beverage products

The North American  Application Center will serve to accelerate learning  and application of this PEF technology. The knowledge obtained can then be used for design of full-scale production systems and commercial products, as well as for identification of further research objectives and support of investment decisions.

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