Winning more from Algae

Bequia Blue

A new range of natural blue dyes extracted in the Grenadines

Food Physics is boosting Spirulina’s value, increasing Phycocyanin extaction from 0.2 mg/ml to over 60 mg/ml

Maximizing Spirulina Extraction With Pulsed Electric Field.




PEF stimulation increases Algae growth and extraction values

The Benefits Of Pulsed Electric Field Technology For Algae Treatment.



Extraction rates of phycocyanin from non PEF-treated spirulina are as low as 0.2 mg/ml. PEF can induce a release of 66.4 mg/ml.


Polyunsaturated Acids

Low-intensity PEF treatment stimulates the growth processes in algae and enhances extraction of polyunsaturated fatty acids.



The stimulated algae creates a manifold increase in polyphenol content and antioxidant capacity.



PEF treated algae induces large increases in the yield of vitamins, which can be the basis for innovative new products.



Pulsed Electric Field has versatile potential for algae digestion and has been demonstrated, developed and tested in several FEI projects.



PEF generates hygiene improvements through the control of unwanted organisms.

The CoolJuice™ system: the perfect solution for PEF treatment of Algae

Processing Spirulina With PEF.

The liquid handling ability of our CoolJuice™ system is ideal for the PEF treatment of algae and other similar products.

Low intensity PEF treatment stimulates the growth processes in algae and enhances extraction. CoolJuice gives control to the operator, creating an enhanced processing of micro-algae.

Without the use of PEF as a pre-treatment, extraction rates of Phycocyanin have been recorded at 0.2mg/ml. By using PEF treatment, it is possible to increase the yield to 66.4mg/ml.

How Algae makes blue for Bequia

Why Spirulina?

Spirulina is a blue-green alga that naturally grows in lakes and oceans all over the world.

As a versatile superfood with a broad range of product potential, Spirulina has a high cost and strong demand.

Our ability to increase the extraction yield from one of natures only sources of blue, will make the blue from Bequia more accessible to all customers.

Unlocking hidden potential within all food types is what Food Physics does, spirulina treatment on Bequia is our next example.

The perfect location for PEF processing

An Untapped Paradise Of Blue.

Food Physics has identified the Carribean island of Bequia as a ideal location for our production and PEF treatment of Spirulina. Bequia is a picturesque island, surrounded by tropical sea, and spiked with mountainous peaks, providing several natural algae pools.

Within these quarry pools is the perfect natural environment for micro-algae to blossom and produce the spirulina we need for phycocyanin extraction.

PEF is creating opportunities beyond just food development

Food Physics Actively Pursues Social Change.

Food Physics is committed to production and processing that supports the Earth’s environment and also fair labour practices for those that work the land and participate in the production process.

The opportunity to develop a local economy through improved job security and increased income is something that Food Physics wishes to hallmark as a distinction of the business going forward.

PEF’s opportunities are not tied to product development alone, where a social difference can be made through business it must be exploited and taken to its fullest.

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