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Greater yield, better quality, faster results

In 2018 We Planted 18 Acres Of New Vines Specifically To Advance Wine Vinification

Food Physics Have Began A Three Year Project To Change The Way We Make Wine.

Since our inception in 2012, we recognised the great potential of PEF treated wine. Impressive preliminary results in the laboratory have motivated us to conduct our own large-scale trials.

In 2018 we planted 18 varieties of vines, over 18 acres on our farm in the Crouch valley, Essex, to further the integration of PEF tech into the wine industry.

This trial will bring PEF processing benefits to the wine industry

The PEF Wine Research Center.

The Food Physics research and development center opens in early 2019 on the Missing Gate Vineyard site. Here we will be installing our CoolJuice™ 10 system, which allows us to complete our trials and then scale up to full industry production.

The Food Physics R&D center will be a collaborative facility working with many local UK wine producers looking to enhance their product with PEF.

Food Physics has already established working partnerships with overseas wine producers.

There are six main PEF benefits to wine making

The Benefits Of Pulsed Electric Field Technology For Wine Making.


Better Color

PEF processed wine results in natural colour improvements and retention of high nutrient content within the wine.


Natural Flavor

Less heat in every stage of the wine making process allows you to retain far more natural flavours from the grape. 



PEF Reduces maceration time, and accelerates the wine ageing process whilst also shortening fermentation.



PEF is a low temperature process that replaces existing treatments and preservatives used in conventional wine making. 


Low Heat

PEF is a low energy replacement for existing methods that does not induce the adverse effects of heat treatment.



PEF enhances the extraction rate of polyphenols found in wine enabling a far greater yield of these valuable compounds.

Food Physics is building valuable partnerships in the local and international wine community.

Building Partnerships And Developing A PEF Wine Community.

Our confidence in our PEF application to wine is not solely held by ourselves. We have Californian based partners, who are assisting in trials and comparing results against their well established stock of great quality wines.

In our local community we are connected to a hub of Essex wine producers, all intent on putting our region on the map of established wines.

We are always on the lookout for new partners and vineyards of all sizes ranging from 4 acres upwards.

Transforming our product and its market potential

New Wines With Pulsed Electric Field.

With their transformative abilities, our Food Physics PEF systems change the cell structure of fresh produce to allow for new applications and uses. PEF gets more value from all grapes, making even the cheaper varieties taste much better, whilst also creating new product opportunities.

One of our new products due to be sold in N.America is Brit Fizz, a sparkling white wine, sold from a can.

Pulsed Electric Field enables us to have a much quicker turnaround in wine production, due to significant time savings throughout the wine making process.

Our initial results in PEF wine trials have shown that white wines experience the most improvements with Pulsed Electric Field technology. This is why we are going to start our new enterprise with a sparkling white wine.

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