PEF Pilot Trial Batch System 

The Perfect R&D PEF Solution 

Unsure if PEF is right for your product? This system is perfect to test new ideas

PEF Pilot Trial and Testing

The PEF Pilot is designed so you can be comfortable with PEF treatments for your product. This system allows you to develop the best PEF parameters for your product, whether its food or non-food, this is the first step to PEF perfection.

Testing treatment and processing with the PEF PILOT


Increase Yields

We first test your raw material. By narrowing down on the best parameters for your treatment we can give you the greatest yield possible for your product.


Decrease Costs

With a softer product, your equipment will need to be replaced less. With a decrease in matienance, you can save on both time and replacement pieces.


New Product Ideas

The PEF Pilot can allow you to begin to explore new product opportunites and ideas. This flexibility means products that are better tailored to your customers.

PEF Pilot Trials

Food Physics is looking to partner with our clients. The PEF Pilot is the perfect place to see what our technology can do for you. Each machine can be customized for your needs with up to 10 liter treatment chambers. We can also test in a continuous liquid trial system.

Highly flexible and built to the same standards as our other machines, our Pilot system is ready for any trial or testing you may want to do. Together, we can reach the highest potential of your products. 

Post Trial

Our trial systems can be done onsite or in a testing hall but, what about after? We will be with you every step of the way, if  you decide to work with us, we will help customize our systems and scale them up for industrial level readiness.

Our team will help train your employees on how to operate and maintain the machines and we will always be on standby to help support. The PEF machines will allow you to have a long lasting and fresh product for your customers.


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