Continuous Liquid PEF Treatment For Food & Non-Food



Our Pipe-Range PEF Systems are already enhancing some of the biggest producers in the U.S.A.

What does Pipe-Range do

Using Pipe-Range Pulsed Electric Field we are advancing liquid processing by bringing greater value to raw materials, while improving manufacturing efficiency, and creating new product opportunities for liquid food and non-food products.

How Pipe-Range can Help You and Your Customers


Greater Shelf Life

Pipe-Range significantly improves the shelf life of many ingredients. This allows your products to reach farther markets.


Retained Natural Flavor

Pipe-Range helps to retain both natural flavors and nutritional values, producing a healthier and fresher product.


Brighter Color

Pipe-Range PEF treatments help greatly with colour of liquids. Brighter and bolder colors attract customers.


Energy Saving

Pipe-Range reduces energy costs with many aspects. Low energy pasteurization is just one example of saving energy.


Extraction Benefits

By using PEF to help open the pores in plant cells, the Pipe-Range system can extract colours and oils without enzymes.


Fermentation Control

Many liquid products require fermentation to create. Our systems can give you greater control of the process.

Liquid Processing Partnerships

The Benefits of Liquid Proccessing with our Pipe-Range systems are many. If you are ready to take your liquid products to the next level get in contact with us today.

Our modular designs and top-tier engineering team can make it so that you get the most out of your systems. We are always seeking to make partners out of our clients and we will work with you to integrate our system into your current process line, for maximum efficiency.

Support and Training

Food Physics will help train your employees on the new Pipe-Range system. Be it maintenance or operation, we will ensure that your employees have understanding in the operation and maintenance of the machine.

Further, we provide customers with round the clock support to keep you working at 100% efficiency. We also offer product testing throughout America and Europe so you can be sure you are satisfied with how Pipe-Range enhances and enriches your products.


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