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What's PEF?PEF Video Overview

Pulsed Electric Field systems bring positive and dramatic changes to food manufacturing

What can PEF do for you

Using Pulsed Electric Field we are advancing food processing by bringing greater value to raw materials, while improving manufacturing efficiency, and creating new product opportunities.

PEF In The Industry

Potato Chips

Produce bigger, better cuts with enhanced flavor!

Freeze Drying

Improved moisture release for a larger end product!

French Fries

Create bigger fries that cook quicker!

Veggie Processing

Extract healthy compounds and improve texture!


More than 100 of our PEF systems are installed globally

Belt Advantage

Tubers, roots, vegetables, fruits

Pipe Advantage

Liquid foods, non-foods and waste water

PEF Pilot

Trial batch system for research & development

Our Pulsed Electric Field Systems systems bring positive and dramatic changes to manufacturing. Improving output, reducing labor costs, streamlining supply chain logistics and curtailing process and retail waste.

Food Physics has the expertise to make PEF a reality for you

The best PEF systems in the world customized by us for your production line

Our team of engineers, food scientists and food-processing experts are able to tailor any PEF system we provide to suit your production line requirements.

We work closely with our clients so that they are able to fully realise the potential of their product, optimizing their PEF system.

We own and have access to pilot hall facilities in America, Britain, and Germany where we are able to customize your PEF solution by testing our systems on your product.

Bringing innovation to the industry

With over 17 PEF-related patents currently pending, Food Physics is driving Pulsed Electric Field innovation to the industry. We work closely with our partners at Elea who have an R&D team comprised of some of the best food scientists in Europe, all of them experts in PEF. Here at Food Physics, we are currently running several projects to fully implement and upscale the results coming from our PEF research.

Our PEF partners Elea

Our German research and manufacturing partners Elea design and build the best Pulsed Electric Field systems in the world. We are sole provider of our Elea Pulsed Electric Field Systems (PEF) to the food, beverage and scientific sectors in North America, United Kingdom and Ireland.

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