PEF Pilot™ Trial Batch System The perfect R&D PEF solution

Increase your Yield

PEF Pilot™ gently opens the cell membrane of a raw material, achieving a softer, stronger, higher quality product.

Once your raw material has been through the PEF Pilot™ we can then start to narrow down the perfect treatment parameters to ensure you get highest yield possible.

Decrease your cost

PEF Pilot™ allows us to fully understand how your changed raw material can then be processed through the rest of your line set-up.

With a softer product, the need for equipment replacement is reduced as operational knife expectancy increases. PEF Pilot™ is the first step to realising your savings.

New product opportunity

PEF Pilot™ transforms the physical properties of your raw material, giving you more scope to change your product.

With PEF Pilot™ you can begin to explore new potential in your product such as new, complex shapes and enhanced flavour.

PEF Pilot™ trial system

Unlock the potential in your product with PEF pilot

This trial batch system is used to develop and customise the PEF process for our clients requirements. New PEF applications can be trialed in the lab, or on site and then upscaled for industrial process.
The treatment chamber size can be customised to fit your requirements up to a 10 litre treatment volume.

Highly flexible and built with the same durability as our other two system types, the PEF Pilot™ has changeable treatment parameters such as electrical field strength, specific energy input and sample size. This provides the opportunity to truly explore your product’s potential.

We can also conduct trials in our continuous liquid trial system and the results can be scaled with ease.